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Wayo Wayo Kibra Health in partnership with Wayo Wayo Kibra plans to create a solution to the current CHW programs. Our work will primarily be focused in Kibera/Nairobi. As a community health organization our goals are:

  • Increase access to primary health care services by expanding implementation of scaled-up CHW programs in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Improve sustainability and effectiveness of current CHW programs
  • Create ongoing paid positions for certified CHWs

Meet our Team

Abdul Hussein

Founder of Wayo Wayo Kibra

Mr. Abdul Hussein is the founder of Wayo Wayo Kibra, a sports-driven, community-based organization in Kibera. This organization is using sports as a platform to address social issues affecting the youth in the community. Wayo Wayo Kibra Health is an extension of this organization, with the goal of increasing access to primary health services, while providing full-time employment opportunities to the youth. To learn more about Mr. Hussein’s story click here.

Dr. Thomas Onyango Kirengo


Dr. Kirengo is the CEO of Imara Mediplus hospital in Embu, Kenya. Imara Mediplus is a multi-specialty healthcare facility founded and managed by doctors. It provides access to high-quality and affordable medical services with compassion to individuals living in the Mt. Kenya region. Dr. Kirengo brings a global perspective to the local African Healthcare service. He is specialized in medicine, management, research, health business, leadership and innovation. Presently, Dr. Kirengo is serving a region with a population of about 10 million Kenyans.

Nancy E. Glaser


Nancy Glaser has been working in business development for over 30 years and is a recognized authority on systematic approaches to support new business formation and small and medium-sized enterprise development.  Since obtaining her MBA (1985) from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, she has been an internationally recognized expert in the entrepreneurship sector.

After working in venture capital as a general partner with U.S. Venture Partners in Silicon Valley funding start-up and early-stage companies, Ms. Glaser broadened her horizons to the international market. This was at the time the Soviet Government collapsed and Eastern Europe and Russia needed expertise in how to transition to a market economy. Most notable was her pioneering work to foster entrepreneurship in a public/private partnership for the development of the first business incubator in Russia. Under her management, the USAID – funded Apparel Innovation Center in St. Petersburg, Russia became a financially self-sufficient operation that assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs in obtaining capital and developing their sustainable businesses and creating thousands of new jobs for the greater community.

Most recently Ms. Glaser was selected by the Stanford Seed program (Stanford Graduate School of Business) as a Business Coach, first working in West Africa and then in East Africa where she coached over 30 African early stage businesses, developed and presented related workshops (human resources, design thinking, investor-readiness).

Elliot A. Segal


Elliot Segal has a 5 plus decade career in Health care, Public Health, and Community Development. He has graduate degrees in Public Health and Urban Studies from Yale University. He served on the faculty of Yale University School of Medicine and School of Public Health for 26 years; including serving as Assistant Dean and Assistant Director of Yale-New Haven Hospital. For 11 years Mr. Segal has been a Professor of the Practice at University of Maryland Health Policy and Management, Director of the Healthy Futures Program. He currently is supervising Wayo Wayo Kibra undergraduate/graduate students and volunteer interns promoting health programs.

Bill Bentley


Bill Bentley has spent his entire career as an advocate for children, youth and families, especially those most vulnerable (e.g., poor families, LGTB youth, children and youth of color). Bentley has worked at the local, state and federal levels over his 40+ year career. He has served in leadership positions within nonprofit and governmental agencies, most recently serving as a Political Appointee in the Obama Administration, at the Administration for Children and Families, within the federal Department of Health and Human Services. He retired in November of 2016 after serving in the Obama Administration.

Bentley now serves as a volunteer with the University of Maryland’s School of Public Health -Healthy Futures Initiative, Brady United to Prevent Gun Violence, The Children’s Campaign and the Child Advocacy Institute. Bentley was also appointed by the Montgomery County Chief Executive to the East County Citizen’s Advisory Board.

Our Work

What are community health workers?

  • CHWs are individuals “carrying out the functions related to health care delivery who are trained in some way in the context of the intervention but have no formal professional or paraprofessional certificated or degreed tertiary education in a health-related field” – World Health Organization
  • WHO states that CHWs “should be members of the communities where they work.”

Our Community Health Workers Program in Kibera

Through the WWK Soccer Program, WWK Health has access to thousands of individuals, both women and men, to participate in the CHW program located throughout the Kibera Slum. The WWK Soccer Program, established in 2016, has built a reputation and knowledge of large numbers of soccer players, parents, and coaches – 2,000+ who can be accessed to be recruited for the CHW program in the Kibera community. WWK Soccer is already linked to a national health care system strategy (in community health as well as more broadly) with its relationships and partnerships with SHOFCO, the Ministry of Health, and other local community organizations.

WWK Health will provide needed education and career development for the WWK Soccer participants as an ongoing training of the CHW program.